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Queen Kayleigh B, Amsterdam

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  • Queen Kayleigh B, Amsterdam

    Name: Queen Kayleigh B.
    Age: 27
    Appearance: Latina/Dutch
    Hair color: Brown
    Physique: Regular + Curves
    Tattoos: There are some


    I am a guy with foot fetish, and wanted to enjoy my trip to Amsterdam. I know Amsterdam is the capital of sexual freedom. I searched for some ladies on internet with the hope for arranging a foot fetish session. I saw Queen Kayleigh B on her Twitter account. We chatted there, I listed my fetishes and she said we can have a session together. Then, she asked for a down-payment. I sent her the money and we set the time for the session. I went to her place and all started as expected and it was full of foot fetish passion. But after a while I realized she taking my photos without my permission. I said I did not like that. That was an sexual assault against one’s will. The next day, I told her that what she did was a sexual assault, but she did not care about this. She continues to share my unsolicited content on Internet without my permission. That’s a serious crime. Please beware this woman.